Monday, January 25, 2010

editor's note :)

i'll laugh not
to show how
happy i am,
but how much im
hiding my tears
from you.

most of the time,
our eyes are
blinded by the things
we want, not
the things we

gifts tend to wear
out, even if we
keep it in our
it will stop pumping,

i want you to
say goodbye after
you close the door,
so it wont hurt
that much.

when there is
something in our
heart that we cant
explain, it means that
we are afraid of
our own feelings.

if you look
into my heart,
you will only
see your

if i had 10 seconds
before you died, i'd make
sure i'd die the
same second as you
do, because i cant
bear one without you.

tonight i
sleep in pain,
tomorrow you
sleep in misery.