Thursday, April 29, 2010

Absolute zero and zanna'X

for all those who may have interest

(excluding stalkers and desperate people)

shamin (absolute zero) and i (zanna'X),

will make our own blog,

about us,

but i dont ask you understand it,

let it be how it should (:

"to understand is to
confuse, not to give ways,
seen from different

Saturday, April 17, 2010

like after 2 months, im here (:

seriously, its been way too long since i last wrote here.
maybe because of the headline itself.
love isn't heartbreaking,
not what im going through now, right sayang?

shamin, sham, amin, min.

heee. thanks for proving me wrong in
what i wrote,

the first sentence that i wrote about you was

"take a glance,
turn away,
look down,
not yours,

but now, i guess i can change it to:

"take a glance,
turn away,
look down,
now yours,

thanks darling, for this has made me realize
what is going on.
i remember this sentence, it was when
i was studying sejarah,
a few weeks before the SPM.

9th February proved us both wrong sayang,
in our perception towards love,
n i have to admit,
im very lucky to have you in my life,
for i have only you to rely on.
thanks dear (: