Thursday, April 29, 2010

Absolute zero and zanna'X

for all those who may have interest

(excluding stalkers and desperate people)

shamin (absolute zero) and i (zanna'X),

will make our own blog,

about us,

but i dont ask you understand it,

let it be how it should (:

"to understand is to
confuse, not to give ways,
seen from different

Saturday, April 17, 2010

like after 2 months, im here (:

seriously, its been way too long since i last wrote here.
maybe because of the headline itself.
love isn't heartbreaking,
not what im going through now, right sayang?

shamin, sham, amin, min.

heee. thanks for proving me wrong in
what i wrote,

the first sentence that i wrote about you was

"take a glance,
turn away,
look down,
not yours,

but now, i guess i can change it to:

"take a glance,
turn away,
look down,
now yours,

thanks darling, for this has made me realize
what is going on.
i remember this sentence, it was when
i was studying sejarah,
a few weeks before the SPM.

9th February proved us both wrong sayang,
in our perception towards love,
n i have to admit,
im very lucky to have you in my life,
for i have only you to rely on.
thanks dear (:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

3rd February

i once said that
hate love kill
is the same
but now i'll
is all

lets be someone
else because i don't
want this to
repeat over
and over again.

when i look at the moon
i am happy,
because i know
we can see the
same thing at last.

i don't want
to tell you that
i miss you,
i'm afraid i'll
lose you.

i wish i could
erase all my
except you.

feelings actually
cant be expressed,
it can only be felt.

every second
i'm around you,
i wish i could tell
you i love you,
but i know that
you wouldn't understand.

Monday, January 25, 2010

editor's note :)

i'll laugh not
to show how
happy i am,
but how much im
hiding my tears
from you.

most of the time,
our eyes are
blinded by the things
we want, not
the things we

gifts tend to wear
out, even if we
keep it in our
it will stop pumping,

i want you to
say goodbye after
you close the door,
so it wont hurt
that much.

when there is
something in our
heart that we cant
explain, it means that
we are afraid of
our own feelings.

if you look
into my heart,
you will only
see your

if i had 10 seconds
before you died, i'd make
sure i'd die the
same second as you
do, because i cant
bear one without you.

tonight i
sleep in pain,
tomorrow you
sleep in misery.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

once in a blue moon :)

so im back writing again,
heee~ busy lately :)

yeah, so tonight is kinda special,
because its a BLUE MOON tonight :D

a BLUE MOON means;

bulan purnama yg berlaku dua kali dalam satu bulan,

and it only happens once in 19 years for new year :)

yup yup, i count it special,

and if you noticed, there was only one

star near midnight, which i count it as a


and what i wished for?
*nothing lah, klu tk khurafat tuhhh. hahaha*

but i just hope that this new year would bring

at least something special,



yeah, another philosophy of mine :D

something to think about,


Monday, December 21, 2009

i wish today was that day :(

sometimes, what we feel cant be described in words.
even though sad, or happy.
its all the same.
as for sometimes
in a minute were in joy, the next in grief.
it can happen to anyone of us,
but the difference is
how we handle it.
yeah, but i didn't manage
to get through it,
as though as i thought i could be.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

From Ipoh to Cameron and Cameron back to KL

confession is just
another step
into misery
just waiting for
another word
makes my
heart weak
im afraid to
look you in the eye,
because im scared
you might know
the truth
every breath i
take, i take in
your love
if i ever said
i had the best
dream about you,
would you believe
love is never
and its your decision
to make